Пульт IR-CdS-T (92368) (92368)

Remote control LUXOMAT® IR-CdS-T for the photo electric switch LUXOMAT® CdS-T-AP Possibility of reading the actual light value by simply pressing a button. With the button “light on/off” it is possible to switch the light at any time, independently of the settings. The installation of an additional switch is no more needed. The period “energy saving” can be programmed by a simple pressing of a button, combined with an integrated timepiece. Once it is installed it can be reprogrammed at any time by means of the infrared remote control without using a ladder.


Тип аксессуара
B.E.G. Luxomat


Приобрести Аксессуары и запчасти Пульт IR-CdS-T (92368) (92368), B.E.G. Luxomat, Германия, Влагозащита ,
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